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Shoonay, how can you have nostalgia for something you never had and that could hardly generate any nostalgia feelings because of its nature?
Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
And the pc ports of games work fine Akira. Why do you even say otherwise? Well that i think depends on what you call an accectable framerate/speed right?
It surely depends. But that aside, who wants to play crap PC games 4 years after they were released in PC? Not me, really.

I suppose it's a matter of what you want to do with your money and machine, personally I have almost maxed out my Amiga having in mind MY specs and I think I utilize it much beter than other ocmpters in the house. No, I don't do internet with it and I'm not interested in doing so. No, I don't watch divx films with it but I can play mods perfectly, unlike with the PC. No, I don't use some crap Photoshop wannabe, but I create work which I utilize in my professional life with tools unrivaled in other platforms, like Deluxe Paint. And all the money I'm saving is spent in a pro box like a minimac.
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