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Originally Posted by papa_november View Post
Why would any 68k Mac need a flickerfixer?
There is no flickering to fix, but I haven't seen a 68k Mac with DVI output yet. Might be an interesting field for Shapeshifter again - do you remember the mid-90's when the A1200 with 060 accelerator and Graffiti card was faster than any original 68k-Mac ever was?

Originally Posted by papa_november View Post
Speaking of other platforms, the X68000 could really use an sd/ff. Even in 31khz mode no LCD found to date works decently or at all with one thanks to it's high resolution and odd refresh rate. Unfortunately, tracking down the schematics to something like that is probably going to be much harder than finding the LC III schematics.
Did some reading on the Sharp X68k, but didn't find any schematics either. Seems like a hard-to-find machine, and harder to find documentation. I've gotten quite a few eMails with suggestions for which retro machine to support next, and each of them looks interesting. Us Amigans are really not the only ones suffering from lack of 15kHz monitors!

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