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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Beta 4:

There something wrong with the joyport settings. The set joystick/joypad always automatically switches back to Keyboard Layout A in port 2.
Yup, definitely an issue with Game Ports

Here's a good example where I can replicate everytime... Let's take "Roketz [AGA]":

In my config I have the following set; Port 1 = Keyboard B, Port 2 = Keyboard A:

I start the game, "PPMore" displays the "Readme" file, I press the <Space Bar> to start the text scrolling, press <F12> to look at the Game Ports and they've now changed to; Port 1 = Windows Mouse, Port 2 = Keyboard A:

I haven't even used the mouse / pressed any mouse buttons...

Anyway; logs attached Toni.

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