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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Want to see what the fuss is about and how it stacks up to F1GP.

I find Indianapolis 500 a superb game. Ofcourse it has quite a few similarities to F1GP and quality-wise I think they are pretty even. Only Indy 500 has the one track and it is oval racing. This might seem less appealing, but it gives some very very intens racing! When you are on the limit and you fly through a corner just inches away from the wall or trying to overtake another driver when doing 300+ km/h. It's intens!

And although you shouldn't crash to win the round if we should play Indy, the crashes are really fenomenal in this game. Much better than in F1GP in my opinion and they are a joy to watch in the replay with all the debris flying around, especially with pile-ups involving many cars.

I think it's a superb racer, almost as good as F1GP and I'm sure a real joy to play in our competition!
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