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I understand you didn't mean Quake at 60 fps on A500, but a full-screen flatshaded 3d at 60 fps on 7 MHz 68000 is too much.

The Moonfall looks like Mercenary on 8-bit Atari. I haven't done the single-pass Blitter rendering on A500, so not sure if it can do it at 60 fps, but I doubt it.

I couldn't see the other videos you posted as they don't play in my browser, but I don't think it's fair to compare 60 fps with ~10 fps game. It's 6:1 in terms of CPU time.

If we settle on 12 fps, that's 5 frames of CPU time. That is enough even for 7 MHz A500 to do some nice flatshaded scenes.

Like those other games, 12 fps can be quite smooth, as long as you reduce the movement speed accordingly.
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