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Originally Posted by VladR View Post
You are asking way too much of a 7 MHz 68000.
Just to be clear on this.
I know that Quake reference I gave is waaay too much polygons.

Here is the better example:
Watch from 5:30
[ Show youtube player ]

Now, there's a lot's of attempts for 3D on Amiga 500 1MB, and many of them are trying to do fully textured 3D walls (Cytadela, for example).
I just wonder, why no one attempted very simple, single colored walls, but very fast and playful game, doom like, or wolf 3D style.
Architecture doesn't have to be more complex then above in the Moonfall sample.
There is a Behind of Iron Gate game, but it's played with mouse, witch, imho, ruins gameplay a little bit.

Btw, you are probably aware of this guy 3D shooter attempt:

But maybe you should look at very first presentation of that game, because KK explain some technical stuff on how his game works.
Somewhere at 1:30h mark is that explanation
(yeah, rewinding is tricky in that site)

Now, this might be useful to you, or might not be, I am personally no coder, and I have no idea what he is talking about, but I thought, maybe it can give you some ideas for your own game, to run even faster.

Also, there's Britelite demo running really smooth at 7Mhz, here:
(and is also fully textured )

P.S. I know your goal isn't 7Mhz 68000, but rather 060/080, but as I said, hopefully, some of the tricks might help you.
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