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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
If you don't want your installation reverted to default settings after every major "feature update" there is.
Not to mention the shitty adds and Candy Crush that suddenly snuck onto my system without me having a say about it.
Every time I update (and I don't do it often btw) I just re-run O&O or WPD and that's all there is to it. I've never seen an ad, a rogue app, or even Metro itself for that matter.

I've also never experienced this "installation reverted to default" stuff people like to talk about. Maybe it was like that 5 years ago, but that is a long, long time and a lot has changed.

Sure, vanilla Win 10 is one giant spyware (just like Android) and it has awful interface, which older users like us rightfully hate (and new users are quite fond of actually). But, again, it does not take much time nor knowledge to alleviate this.

If LTSC was easily available/cheap then sure, it's a good option, but looking at their "Licensing" page my head starts to hurt immediately.
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