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Hi AmigaSystem!

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
In the future it could be interesting an AmiMp3Radio version for listening to AMiGA MP3s from site like "" the players could be TKPlayer, FFplay, AmigaAMP,Amplifer.
Great idea!

Right now, AmiModRadio would work with MP3 files if you ran AmigaAMP as the player and point AmiModRadio to some source/drawer that contains MP3, for example those here. (Try by typing /mods/kicko in AmiModRadio top text box. Then, you can select the button next to this text box to make this drawer the new source.)

But warning: the performance of my FTP/HTTP code is pretty bad so it may take time to download large MP3 files
(And make sure that you deslected the very last option in the preferences: "Skip modules which sizes are above...".)


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