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Thanks mate - so looks like the TF534 autoconfigures to Zorro III (530 did not), and I just read the SCRAM technical details (God bless the 80s/90s and their desire to share every intricate detail with us):

"Note that BORIS looks at the RAM SIZE jumpers JP1, JP2 to tell the Amiga
how much RAM is available (0/2/4/8 Meg). The DENNIS chip latches the RAM
BASE OFFSET at AutoConfig time. DENNIS then becomes the address space
decoder for RAM, selecting the four banks in ascending order.
The Amiga always allocates RAM from 200000 onwards. None, 2, 4, 8 Meg
are possible configurations. When other RAM devices precede the SCRAM,
the base offset will not be 200000, so note that some memory sizes will
be illegal. Most likely just 8 Megs, as this needs ALL the RAM space to

Seems like it is compatible, even if the TF534 mapped to Zorro II (I'd just have to disable 4MB on the SCRAM).

Off to market I go...
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