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softwarefailure; from my tests when setting "Fastest possible" the "CPU Ide" slider is always at the left most position.

Simple test for you:
  • Go to "Quickstart", select and set an "A1200".
  • Go to "CPU and FPU" and now select "Fastest possible".
  • The "CPU Ide" slider becomes enabled but is still in far left position.

Originally Posted by softwarefailure View Post
So from a user point of view it's currently rather cumbersome because when using WinUAE for development I set the CPU Idle slider all the way to right because I don't want WinUAE to hog the CPU. When testing my CPU intensive program, however, I have to open the options and change CPU Idle to all the way to the left again. So I have to constantly switch back and forth between "no CPU idle" and "full CPU idle"... that's a bit annoying but I'm not sure if it can be implemented in a more intelligent way...
How exactly? You're the one constantly messing around with this slider to suit your needs...
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