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Well i've used your files (look to be exactly like mine) and made a CD32 ISO, booted in WinUAE and those corrected codes still don't work! The working codes still work so as I think, whdload is bypassing the executable that loads the game and the CD32 isn't, so that leads me to think there is a checksum on the codes with the CD32 version.

EDIT: OOPS! Seems I made a school boy error. Was using a BIN/CUE from and changing the cue file to load my ISO, changed MODE1/2352 to MODE1/2048 and changed the BIN to ISO in the file so it loaded the ISO. Worked OK but none of those edited codes worked? I then used the TOSEC release, deleted their ISO and renamed mine so it loaded that and strangely, it worked? Tested all 5 codes (the ones I originally edited) and they all work now? The CUE file has the same format regards the ISO as the one I edited from the BIN/CUE version I used so why one did not work and the other did is a mystery? Anyway, the CD32 ISO I made appears to be working, tested some of the working codes and they still work!

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