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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

One small issue I've noticed with the beta series is as follows:

If I play a game with say certain KS, then if I go into the GUI, change KS and reset, the old KS is still loaded and not the newly selected one.
Did it happen with previous beta? Which kind of reset? keyboard or GUI?

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Hi Toni,

I'm going through the games I've configured and testing complex ones with the latest beta3.

A game that crashed about 10 - 20 seconds after starting to play with a software failure is Hexen from Heretic & Hexen.

In 4.3.0 it works perfectly without issues.

I'll send you a PM with a pre-setup .HDF and configuration file.
Always those huge non-Amiga originals that are impossible to debug..
I could only duplicate it once..


- does it happen only if JIT is active?
- without MIDI music?
- Even more larger stack?

Originally Posted by falken View Post
Ok, I was running WinUAE with administrator rights. Sorry, but I did not know that this caused the drag and drop option to not be functional.
It is not that commonly known but can be easily duplicated with any Windows application if explorer has different security level than the application.
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