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Update to icon.library 46.4.533:

The data structure for the palette mapped and TC images has been cleaned up, expanded by 4 bytes and optimized. Thus, the limit of maximal 248 CLUT colors for images, which existed before to store the 2 pointers of TCbuf2 and a freelist there, could be eleminated. - TrueColor icons with only 1 image are a bit faster now.

I've made a new experimental "FastWB" version to achieve a faster and more responsive TrueColor icon dragging on Workbench 3.1.4/3.5/3.9 for slower Amigas. This is not a 100 % perfect solution, because it still can happen that some parts of the window where you select the icons are not refreshed after the dragging, but that's not a big problem, since you can still update the window from the WB menu. My fix already tries to take care for any window switching, scrolling, resizing and also has a timeout of about 1 second after the last icon movement in order to avoid a later graphical damage from menus or requesters opening suddenly over the active window. Try it out and report any issues or enjoy the speed-up. It's best used together with my option "HoldTCbuffer1".

The Aros version uses 2 source and 1 target buffer now for the Alpha Channel based merging of foreground and background colors, and hence can re-use the TCbuffers.

DOpus5 can also benefit from the acceleration of the TCbuffer2 and the UnderCover mode, the late unpacking of the second image, but only when the DOnoColorMapping option and the custom dragging routines are enabled. Unfortunately, the custom dragging routines of DOpus5 have a big memory leak and the image masking is simple.
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