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Picasso 4 and CGX4+last update functions very well with my real A4000 ad A4000 mimicked UAE config. Only difference is my A4000 has CVisionPPC (3D). The problem I had with CFX4 was in the monitors. When I returned to my A4000 and reinstalled CGX4 I was coming across the logo staying on the screen. I had to do a bit of recall to remember how to stop that. Change BOOTLOGO to YES and it'll go away once Workbench is loaded.

I use NO for my CyberVisionPPC so I can hear audio through that monitor from my Picasso 4.

I wasn't aware it has the same 4M VRAM limit. When I got my CVisionPPC I wondered what was wrong...why some games would crash. Not knowing much about the hardware, but soon realized it. Gotta have an option on in CGX4 to use it. I think it's the BITMAPCACHE.

I don't care which 3D board makes it into WinUAE, haha, as Toni has typed..whichever one is the "best" and doing well for the most. Or that was the gist I got.
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