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Look in Settings, Hardware, RTG Boards as long as you're using a newer version of WinUAE. The A1200 didn't have Picasso..only the A2000 to A4000. I suggest using an A4000 config to use Picasso 4. Or you could use UAE Zorro 2 (Picasso 96) for an A1200. Which does very well. Using an A4000 config open the "door" to Cyberstorm PPC.

Not any support (yet) for real 3D stuff like Wipeout 2097 or Payback PPC 3D. But if you're cool with pretty 256 colors, and higher..that's doable for Web pages, and other sweet programs. As well as Workbench.

I think it was that introduced better Picasso 4 support. Don't quote me. Hehe. Good to see another U.S.A. person.
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