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A Demo/Beta is out for you to enjoy!
PAL only I'm afraid. OCS and 0,5MB of ram.
Run the game by clicking the icon.


Chips by "On IT!" Games

A re-imagining of a game by Dr Hirudo, Chips is a challenging puzzler where you're trying to piece together a working Amiga computer by combining chips scattered all over the main board.

Joystick/Arrow Keys to Move / Navigate Menus
Fire/Enter to Punch / Select
ESC to Show in-game menu / Speed up score bonus

By standing next to a chip you can press Punch to send it flying in a straight line across the main board. Hitting a matching one will make it disappear. St oping when finding a different one in its path. Look out! Chips (just like you) can move through the edges and reappear on the other side. If there's nothing in its path you'll get zapped! When the last two matching chips collide they change into a custom chip. You then have to combine them in a similar way to get a working Amiga.

Code: sandruzzo
Gfx: ppill
Music: saimon69

Here's a playthrough of a level to give you an idea how to play. Could not get the mic to work :/
[ Show youtube player ]


The game is free.

If you want to contribute to further development of this and other releases you can donate at here:

(Mods feel free to edit this out if it's against site's rules)

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