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Originally Posted by Mikerochip View Post
Hi DamienD!

You could though, set maybe 4 in total?
For any entries that have 2, only 2 will show.
But! What if you made a new png/icon yourself?
One for Notes or readme, one for manual/PDF?
So, you could then include some notes, maybe controls, etc.
Or notes for anyone to make on the game.
Maybe cheats?

Or launch a url?
If you create a url file, say, call it HOL.URL, and set it to the URL for the game in HOL,

and rename your sshot.png to ___data_hol.url.png
You still show 2 pictures, but, clicking the screenshot now will bring you to the HOL entry for the game!
(Obviously, you could make a URL icon/image too, with a HOL logo on it, etc)

If you wanted to be real fancy, you could include a manual:
Say, call it manual.pdf
Then, take a screenshot of the cover manual, and call it ___data_manual.pdf.png
and now, in WinUAE, clicking on the picture manual will launch the PDF

For Monkey Island, you could launch url to an online code wheel, using a picture of the codewheel!

Something like this: Obviously the txt button at the bottom is quick and dirty. New WinUAE Example
To be totally honest; I'm happy with just 2 i.e. a title and sshot.

Also, some of my <gamedirs> already contains cheats / level codes / manuals / walkthroughs etc. and I'm happy with how people view them i.e:

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

Also, in some of the <gamedirs> you will find cheats, hints, level codes, manuals, maps, strategies, tips, walkthroughs which have been painstakingly formatted by me to be printer friendly and in a consistent layout / format. To view these from WinUAE, right-click on the title bar of the "boxart" panel and select "Open Game Folder":

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