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OK! This is amazing. It's in B2, and working!

So, just to make sure I know the rules then:

1) a file called ___Title.png must exist or config gets ignored.
2) Pictures are shown in the order: Boxart, Title, Screenshot, Misc, Data
3) to launch an external data file, you need a picture file called ___data<FILENAME>.png and then <FILENAME> in the folder. Windows will then attempt to launch <FILENAME> with the associated program.

Seems good here!

Testing Beta2.

The only thing I can't work out then, is, how to show more than 2 pictures on screen. Does it depend on the size of the pictures originally?

So, if I make the window pane smaller, it automatically resizes the pictures, but, no extra ones show up.

*edit* ok, I tried smaller pictures, but nothing other than title and sshot show up, even if misc, data etc exists.

If I have Boxart, Title, SShot, data, only Boxart and Title show up.

I tried with 320x272 images, and my screen is 1440 pixels high, so, no height restrictions there.
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