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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
And no, I don't have any user-startup, nor do I like to use Installer scripts on my system. In very rare cases I first let them run in demo mode to see in the log file what they would try to overwrite before I let them install anything.
Even I never do automatic installations I install everything manually, even on Windows I use almost all Portable or Stand-alone programs, when it is possible to transform even the installed ones into Stand-alone.

I use the user-startup because I like to keep the startup-sequence as standard as possible and add only what is needed.

I have never used TLSFMem, I just did the review and I think that the problem is caused by PatchASL maybe in a next version the problem is fixed.

In any case if you don't do the preview PatchASL works very well and it's very convenient, the only flaw is that you can't store size and GUI setting.
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