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Ok, keep your RemLib config on AfA_OS as long as that works for you, I just wanted to show you what my settings are, which doesn't mean that they must be the better choice.

And no, I don't have any user-startup, nor do I like to use Installer scripts on my system. In very rare cases I first let them run in demo mode to see in the log file what they would try to overwrite before I let them install anything.

Last night I've also seen that PatchASL and MUI5 are doing all the image decoding and scaling themselves, even with icon.library v45 it works. All cybergraphics.library functions are patched by the mount command(seems that was a wrong info of SegTracker). But they still have color problems with OS4 icons on 8 bit or planar screens. Only a few icon images are coming from icon.library and are probably captured and downscaled on their way to graphics card, but I didn't analyze that yet.

So, if there are problems with the image decoding that lead to freezes or crashes, you could also try out the original icon.library, although I think it looks more like a PatchASL issue than an icon.library bug. Sorry, I don't want to download huge picture collections for making experiments. But on my old HDD in the cellar there should be a lot of them stored. Maybe a good occasion to make a backup of my SSDs again.

Just seen at your page: Are you using TLSFMem? Then remove it, it was never a safe memory management replacement.
Edit: Oh, it's a new version (?), just released today on Aminet (again ?), didn't notice that before, but v1.9 was already used inofficially by Cosmos years ago, I think. Nothing I would recommend to use. Update: 1.6 on Aminet is an old version from Chris Hodges, nothing new or fixed.

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