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Originally Posted by ROM View Post
Richard I purchased this game for my CD32 from Amiga on the Lake and its makes a horrible sound on before before the start of the game and at the end, during game play its ok , but i don't want to play it like this its horrible if i have the sound cranked up i have to tunr it down its so bad. I contacted Amiga on the lake, I sent 2 emails no response, i finally called them direct they said they knew nothing about it and would reach out to you or who ever they work with. its been over a month now since i bought game and can't play it on my stock CD32 the way it is and i don't feel i should have to if it can't be fixed i should get my money back?
The first batch of CD-ROMs had a bug on them, which makes some CD32-consoles sound like some wild animal. We produced a second batch without that bug.

Please send an email to (Andreas Magerl) and ask for a replacement-CD. You will get that for free. As you are living in the US, it might take a few days until you get it tough. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yours Richard
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