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Configuration :
Windows 10 - 64B // 32G Ram
WinUAE V4.3.0 (2019.12.19) 64-Bit
Installation Directory : C:\Program Files\WinUAE\

I already tried ALL CAPSImg.dll available on
CAPSImg.dll copy to C:\Program Files\WinUAE\ and C:\Windows\System32\ Directorys

I have no problem to lauch IPF or ADF file BUT, WinUAE don't work with all my flux file (I say ALL and I have a lot)

WinUAE Configuration (A500 Standard)
Approximate A500 or Cycle-exact
OCS Chipset
Cycle-exact (full)
KS ROM V1.3 (A500, A1000, A20200) rev 34.5 (256k) [315093-02]
512 Chip

This configuration work with ALL my files (ADF and IPF), but don't work with all kryoflux files
ak (160 files of flux : ex : 00.0.raw, 00.1.raw, 01.0.raw etc)

ALL this flux work (tested on real A500, I'm 100% sure)

Workflow :
(1) Start WinUAE
(2) Select Configuration panel and select A500 (configuration Shown above) / Double Click
(2b) WinUae Start in a Window
(3) Press F12, enter in the WinUAE Menu, select floppy Drive panel and select file for DF0
(3b) : ex : D:\Dump\0068_Jim_Power_Amiga_D1\00.0.raw
(4) Click Ok to retrun to the WinUAE Windows Emulation
(5) it Start.... boot, I stay in the Kickstart 1.3 Floppy picture.
(6) Press F12, Enter in the WinuAE menu, choice another disk, whatever ADF, IPF, game, demo, tools
(7) return to the WinUae Emulation Windows, it's booting and work

WinUAE seem don't understand it's the first Flux File (ak 00.0.raw)

And I don't want to convert my fluxs
So Don't support ?
And I don't see the extension in choices.

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