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Why don't you configure a virtual Picasso gfx card (using your PC gfx card) for a MUCH faster WB in 16M colors? Nonsense using a slow AGA/ECS screen for WB in WinUAE IMHO.

(requires Amiga's Picasso software drivers of course)
See cfg in my signature...

For WHDLoad installed games you can use these 2 tooltypes in the icons:
EXECUTEPOSTDISK="uae-configuration <your degrade options here, e.g. cachesize 0 cpu_speed real>"

and/or use scripts before you launch your (non-WHD) games. If some game still has issues switching from Picasso gfx card screen to native PAL/NTSC, then you can use for example "JST EXECUTE your-exe" (jst by JOTD: )

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