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So, a __Data_ type would launch anything thats after that, with a normal shell execute etc I presume, and give the ability to show a png etc for the material, ie, the first page of the manual. Cool idea.

Or how about allowing clicking on an image in the image window instead / as well?
Or double clicking...

Actually, I'd probably use that exclusively then.. Eg
__data_manual.pdf_.jpg with a picture of the box, so clicking on the box would launch the manual.
__data_archive.url_.png with a title screen picture would launch a URL to bring me to my page
__data_hol.url_.png with a gameplay screenshot would launch the hol page.
__data_notes.txt_.png with a notepad icon would launch the notes!

You might need to allow more than 3 images in the image panel then Toni?

Should be easy enough to allow maybe a double click on a picture?
With maybe a blue border to denote picture can be double clicked?
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