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Originally Posted by Mikerochip View Post
Hi all,
I'm just now getting around to adding boxart and screenshots to my games:
to that end, is there a bug with Winuae and just adding boxart?

I've added 3 games, added a title and screenshot to one game,
which works fine, added a box, title and screenshot to the second game,
which also works fine, and the third game I've just added boxart to.

(I mostly want to see what each option looks like, before I decide on including boxart)
But, it looks like if a game only has a ___Boxart.jpg file, the art window never opens.
Can anyone else confirm I'm not doing something wrong?
I'm pretty sure I'm correct, since the ___Boxart.jpg file works fine in the game that also has the title/screenshot.
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Heya Mikerochip,

Yes, I can confirm that if you only just have a file named "___Boxart.png", then it won't get picked up by WinUAE.

It seems you need at least a "___Title.png" file also.
Here's a trick I just did:
  • Create an empty .TXT file using Notepad and save as "___Title.txt".
  • Now rename this from "___Title.txt" --> "___Title.png".
  • If you have the above file and "___Boxart.png" in the <gamedir>; when you load WinUAE and highlight the configuration, only the "___Boxart.png" image will be displayed.
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