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Hi Toni, just to not open a new thread..

Latest alpha version (15 set. 2019, 19:43:35).
First time ever getting stuck copying file to hard disk (as a host directory) from an IPF floppy file (standard DOS\0, but I've not checked if there some protection in it).
Amiga side my usual WB configuration used millions of times w/o copy problems.

Maybe you can recognize the access addresses in the WinUAE Board/ROM for this infinite loop:

00EB1EAE 4a2b 0002                TST.B (A3,$0002) == $00ebf002
00EB1EB2 6650                     BNE.B #$50 == $00eb1f04 (F)
00EB1EB4 0c2b 00fe 0007           CMP.B #$fe,(A3,$0007) == $00ebf007
00EB1EBA 6618                     BNE.B #$18 == $00eb1ed4 (T)
00EB1ED4 4aaa 004c                TST.L (A2,$004c) == $00eb404c
00EB1ED8 661e                     BNE.B #$1e == $00eb1ef8 (F)
00EB1EDA 0c85 8000 0000           CMP.L #$80000000,D5
00EB1EE0 66cc                     BNE.B #$cc == $00eb1eae (T)

  D0 0000000A   D1 405690C0   D2 FFFFFFFE   D3 40529108 
  D4 0000FFFF   D5 0000000A   D6 00380042   D7 4055B2E0 
  A0 00EB4090   A1 4002F930   A2 00EB4000   A3 00EBF000 
  A4 405290F4   A5 4002F98C   A6 400008D4   A7 40031162 
USP  40031162 ISP  40002350 SFC  00000000 DFC  00000000 
CACR 80008000 TC   00008000 ITT0 00000000 ITT1 00000000 
DTT0 00000000 DTT1 00000000 VBR  40053BB0 MSP  00000000 
MMUS 00000000 URP  40055000 SRP  40055000 
T=00 S=0 M=0 X=1 N=1 Z=0 V=1 C=1 IMASK=0 STP=0
FPSR: 00000000 FPCR: 00000000 FPIAR: 00000000 N=0 Z=0 I=0 NAN=0
00EB1EE0 66cc                     BNE.B #$cc == $00eb1eae (T)
Next PC: 00eb1ee2

00000000    2048K/1 =    2048K ID C32 Chip memory
00200000    8192K/1 =    8192K ID F32 Fast memory
00A00000     512K/0 =     512K -- F32 <none>
00A80000    1024K/2 =     512K ID F32 Kickstart ROM (1483A091)
=KS ROM v3.1 (A1200) rev 40.68 (512k) [391773-01/391774-01]
00B80000     448K/0 =     448K -- F32 <none>
00BF0000      64K/0 =      64K -- CIA CIA
00C00000    1536K/0 =    1536K -- C32 <none>
00D80000     256K/0 =     256K -- C16 Gayle (low)
00DC0000      64K/0 =      64K -- C16 Battery backed up clock (MSM6242B)
00DD0000      64K/0 =      64K -- C16 Gayle (low)
00DE0000      64K/0 =      64K -- C16 Gayle (high)
00DF0000      64K/0 =      64K -- C16 Custom chipset
00E00000     512K/1 =     512K ID F32 Kickstart ROM (1483A091)
=KS ROM v3.1 (A1200) rev 40.68 (512k) [391773-01/391774-01]
00E80000      64K/0 =      64K -- F32 Autoconfig Z2
00E90000      64K/0 =      64K -- F32 <none>
00EA0000      64K/1 =      64K -- F32 UAE Board
00EB0000      64K/1 =      64K -- F32 UAE Boot ROM
00EC0000     768K/0 =     768K -- F32 <none>
00F80000     512K/1 =     512K ID F32 Kickstart ROM (1483A091)
=KS ROM v3.1 (A1200) rev 40.68 (512k) [391773-01/391774-01]
01000000    1008M/0 =    1008M -- F32 <none>
40000000      64M/1 =      64M ID F32 Zorro III Fast RAM
44000000       4M/1 =       4M -- F32 RTG RAM
44400000    2988M/0 =    2988M -- F32 <none>
FF000000      64K/0 =      64K -- F32 Autoconfig Z3
FF010000   16320K/0 =   16320K -- F32 <none>
Fortunately I've not called [EDIT:Settings] GUI before Debugger because as soon as I did WinUAE crashed with the attached DMP.

I don't know if useful because an unofficial version ..

EDIT2: I tried to replicate the same conditions, but I can't reproduce the crash

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