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Originally Posted by TomSoniq View Post
Thanks for the detailed report. Ok, I need to have a look at 68k VBR handling then. Seems I haven't tested it well enough.
Greetings! I decided to do some further testing. I hope it helps you. Some of it you're already aware of.

AmigaAMP 3.25: Using OS new intuition or not after a bit of playing CBR MP3 even pressing Pause before Stop will produce a hard crash if you seek while playing songs.

0100 000F - Yellow alert happened after 7 Rush songs in CBR, clicking next after 10 seconds from start of each song and on 7th pressing pause then stop a second after. This is with new intuition active. Crash 8000 00004. But as you'll read below, it's not OS 3.1.4 causing the problems.

Checking with VBR. Selected same 7 songs VBR and let 1 & 2 play for a few seconds then clicked next. In the 3rd I clicked pause then stop & resulted in a hard crash. It didn't produce any visible error - only locked the Amiga. Did a forced reset. Didn't clear it. Did another 3 finger reset & that reset it. 8002...I was typing and missed the rest.

Adjusting partition settings and switching to OS 3.5. Then using Reset with argument Hard. Great program.

Started 1st song of 7.. ABR, pressed pause then stop and crash. Doesn't matter if Play or Eject is used for requester to select songs. This crash wasn't hard. A simple 3-finger reset did it.

Testing with CBR files. Selected the 7 songs from clicking Play. List shows, 1st starts playing. Clicked pause, allowed 2 seconds for complete stop and possible cache flush. Clicked stop. Then clicked next, song loaded. I goofed - I clicked Previous vs Play. Song loaded. Plays for 3 seconds I paused - 2 seconds then Stop and crash, saw guru prompt attempt to display and Amiga reset.

Now using VBR. Same challenges. Switching to MPEGA WarpOS vs External. It also calculates song times incorrectly. As you commented most likely all crashes are related to AHI code you're using.

Checking 3.24 with External WOS. ABR first. I'm using stop on the same 7 songs, Next and Play. All doing well..times are correct - I see Kbps changing to reflect compression; 160, 320, 224 and so on. Not any crashes or locks. Exiting while playing a song.. Seems stable. Loading 3.24 again and checking CBR. All are doing well with Stop without Pause first. I'm going to go with VBR now. Exiting program while it's playing. Seems stable. Loading 3.24 again & playing VBR.. Added to the mix of stopping songs and starting from List and stopping without pause then selecting next song and clicking play. All doing well.

Adjusting partition settings and going back to OS and will repeat with 3.24. I noticed with this one, Decoder: amp is lower cased. Looks better in all Upper or as Amp. 3.24's MP3 info is displayed well except for the year. If I drag the window larger everything shifts to accommodate except year.

Using OS A note, it's cool to see VAR identified before clicking play. I'm noticing also that when I click Eject to choose different songs/files the path or drawer isn't always reflecting the last sub-directory content currently displayed. But if I click into the drawer box and press enter where the artist (Rush) is it'll reflect the root of album names as sub-directories. Back to playing.. Thought I'd check for a possible crash.. When song playing I quickly clicked Next because sometimes people double click when meaning to single. It stopped play, loaded the next, without playing it loaded the next and is playing it. Doing it again.. Repeated well. Going to do it with previous. Cool! Seems to be doing well. I did it both ways with 3 clicks...playing fine. Exiting program while it's playing. Doing an Avail Flush. Got a little FAST RAM back. Loading again..

I'm going to shift around with some older MP3's.

I'm typing this while continuing to play different files as well as Rush. So far, 3.24 is a great version, pretty stable! The looks of it are very sweet and even while using Paula it sounds great. I also use the Equalizer active always and have it set for a little deeper base and changed treble. You done very well with this program! I loved it in the 90's and 1999 but I think I didn't really notice the quality of it I am now, for those of us that are into eye candy as a great 2nd feature to function.

I can see where the AHI code you added is the limit for 3.25.

Oops...It just lost all sound output. I attempted to play an MP4 which resulted in a message of in unknown type. Then picked MP3s and though it shows them playing in whatever CBR, VBR, it's all silent. Exiting program. Exit seems clean. Loaded again. Picked a list from an album and sound is back. All is doing well again.

I haven't check Playlist creating or editing yet. Now I'm going to check 3.24 with WinUAE.. real machine A4000 + Picasso 4 + CSPPC did well.
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