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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
I always use JIT on my systems, PPC system at the moment on WinUAE is not very usable, so the problem could be PPC.
I'll agree, mate, that PPC for WinUAE isn't as "stable" as it could be. That has been shown many times with 3.1 to 3.9 as well as 3.1.4(.1). As well as OS 4.x.x. However, I'm checking between mpega.library with powerpc.lib and External decoders that AmigaAMP 3.23+ with WinUAE and real A4000+CSPPC.

I have libs of mpega for PowerPC.lib and PPC.lib.. Use mpega for PowerPC.lib and disable External for a little while. WinUAE seems to be functioning well that way for now. My 4000 also seems to be doing well that way. But..still testing as I'm able.

Originally Posted by starship View Post
Yes you are right they are cbr so Maybe good to convert them to vbr. I will try. Thanks.
3.25 has some problems that 3.23 doesn't have. So, don't delete your CBR filed yet. All of my CBR and VBR seeeeeem to be playing in 3.23 fine so far. More checking to do.
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