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This thread reminds me of something I've seen:

It was two or three years ago. I went to a punk night at a local club. There was three or four bands playing, and the place was filled with people. It was the first time of my life I've seen so many punks at once. I mean, real punks, like in London 1975. Not some pre-teens with Blink 182 T-Shirts. The real deal.
There was maybe 200 of them! Bad, ugly, drunk, and having a hell of a good time.
Then I went outside, to take a breath of fresh air and smoke a cigarette or two. There was also a dozen punks outside, with their dogs. And there come those two very drunk B-Boys, dressed like Snoop Doggy Dog, who start talking shit. Saying things like, "hey stupid punks, you suck!" "what's the dog for? zoophily?", or "punk music is for loosers". This kind of shit. I felt like it was time for me to go back inside. I mean, punks are known to be hot-blooded, and they know how and when to use their fists.
I thought it was really dangerous, not to say stupid, to taunt a hundred of always-angry punks. I would not have done that, would I? Besides, the b-boys were only two.
Maybe that the b-boys were not totally aware of the place being filled with punks inside.
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