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Originally Posted by Overdoc View Post
Also, what is understood by the chipset (OCS, ECS, AGA) ?
I am not sure, but I think even when this refers mainly to the grapfic abilities, an ECS chipset might need at least 1MB chipram ? (and at least Kick 2.0 ?), and AGA 2MB chipram (and at least Kick 3.0 ?) ?
The chipsets have no such requirements or dependencies.

You can run Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 on your A1200 and it will see your full 2M chipmem, but can't offer you f.ex. 256 color screen modes since 1.3 doesn't know about AGA. You can also boot your A1200 into Workbench with just 256K chipmem, but you will have less than 50K left to use.
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