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I would have to disagree on this.
Quite a few of the newer Amiga games (that came out after about 1991) actually required the 512kB trapdoor expansion. Not just for enhancements, but these simply won't run at all if you didn't have the expansion.

On the other hand, you are very right that there are only very few no non-AGA games that required either more than 512kB chip/512kB fake (true fastram), or more than 512kB chipram (1MB or even 2MB)
I think Jaktar requires 1,5MB. Hare Raising Havoc required 1MB chip on my A-500, if I remember correctly. And also Sword I could only get to run with 1MB chip instead of 512kB chip & anything fast or fake ram.

I think it would be great if the info about required ram (or maybe even separately from that an info about enhancements, that come with more ram?) could be included in HOL

Also, what is understood by the chipset (OCS, ECS, AGA) ?
I am not sure, but I think even when this refers mainly to the grapfic abilities, an ECS chipset might need at least 1MB chipram ? (and at least Kick 2.0 ?), and AGA 2MB chipram (and at least Kick 3.0 ?) ?
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