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Okay I read that as "godawful Apidya" - I was ready to throw a burning pitchfork there.

I can see why people rate it lower, its a game with effing insects, moles and fish and not all kinds of cool spaceships, nuclear missiles, space stations and aliens. Note: I find it a beautiful game. And that music... Its also one of the few horizontal scrollers that I rate as "fair" - it still beats your ass but if you keep at it you can beat it right back, and dying in later stages is not as dire (sometimes I still did a rage quit even before the term was invented).

As for Agony - its a bitch, but its still a Psygnosis bitch. I don't like games such as Obitus and Agony for their gameplay, but they still sweep me away to another universe.

Yay thread derailed Only took five years.
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