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new sound problem in old configuration

i have an a600 configuration in winuae for almost four years now. and it was working all the time.
nothing changed since 2013. but today i encounter a strange sound problem in game nicky boum.
sounds like killing monsters, collecting items or blowing bombs are totally muted/missing for a while.
then sounds are back until they go missing again. while music keeps playing as it should.
what could it be and why so suddenly? it used to work for almost four years without problems!
it's the same old configuration, it's the same nicky boum .adf image i always use.

sound settings:
sound emulation active, automatic switch on (whatever this is)
device paula, sound buffer 8 (also don't get what this is )
stereo, 70%, sinc (never understood this interpolation thingamajigs),
44100, always on A500 (also never understood audio filter thingamajigs),
drivers: DirectSound, WASAPI (?) are checked
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