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I've been mucking about figuring out how to write IDA plugins over the past few days and I've worked it out now - it's quite straight forward really. Somehow I thought there would be more of a learning curve but it's really not too bad. As something easy to start with I've written a "Copper list annotater" which, if you tell it where a copper list starts, will "disassemble" the copper list and add comments telling you what each copper instruction does (exactly the same as if you use the "o" command in the WinUAE debugger). I actually based it on the code from WinUAE to save re-inventing the wheel.

I'll post a link to it including source code when I get a chance as I think somebody might find it useful. I was thinking it would hopefully not be a huge job to write a plugin which filled in custom chip names or names of library calls. I may do the custom chip one as a next step perhaps depending on my motivation and interest from others. The library routine name one wouldn't be that useful at the moment to me so I may not look at that. Be quite easy for someone else to do though. Would be great if we could get to the stage where we've got a nice suite of Amiga plugins for IDA Pro.
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