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Hedeon: Don't use -nomouse Should not be looked as half working as before. Until I find something to cleanly separate the old code from other ports, this option doesn't work well.

You don't play with mouse ?

Sometimes timedemo does something bad, but I only see the crash when closing the game (the last beta did the same). Maybe increase vertexbuffersize.

There is a bug in one of the scenes: When you see the "sheep doing the jump", the game slows down because an effect keeps doing "something" as being in a loop, probably the whole level. Happens also in my testing linux version: When I was figuring out how the messages work and printing the resoults, the effect message keeps printing on screen. Of course a nowadays PC doesn't slow down at all but the effect message, weird enough, is the same when you hit a wall....

Maybe a non patched wad/pak ??

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