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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Fun to watch but the tricks used aren't anything special even if he seems to be quite proud of his protection. At least he didn't access the protection code directly. And there always is a way to place patch code in memory, no matter how much memory the game uses.

You do know all that of course, I was just feeling playing Captain Obvious. Thanks for sharing the video though, always interesting to see what coders think of their "inventions".
Yeah, because no-one else before Jon thought to use indirect offsets for their protection

Thing is, he's not being entirely honest.

1). Yes Skid Row (well, FFC!!) fucked up
2). Legend trained the Skid Row version and realised something was up quite quickly
3). The Company released their 100% 4 disk crack
4). FFC released a fix for the Skid Row version.
5). Skid Row version is only on three disks like the original because FFC removed several images.
6). The Company didn't remove anything, hence the extra disk
7). Jon doesn't even acknowledge WHY The Company had to use an extra disk because of the originals larger disk format, which lamely suggests The Company were somehow at fault for that.

And then he does a video bragging about it, when half of the story is missing.

Shame that.
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