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I'm glad to officially start the project Amiga Game Factory (aGF), thanks to the opening of the dedicated forum by RCK, and to welcome you all as the creatives involved in a whole new/old generation of amiga games.
The official IRC channel here on is #gamedev

This project is committed to two things: starting and building up a group of people that can work well togheter and with a steady pace to the completition of tasks and obviously the production of one or possibly more game for Amiga

While the two amiga games wich have been discussed in the last threads, Graham' shot 'em up and Foody' board game will be worked on, each one following its road, and so test us, we are also free to start collect ideas for the next project.

my proposition is to dedicate a separated thread for each of the currently worked games, with the relevant informations and the people involved in what, task by task, to the personal segmets of work, and that shoul serve as template for what will follows.
i will do it later tonite for Graham' game, as exemple, if not differently requested.

good work and enjoy your stay!
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