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Favorites Filter | Arcade

This is how I imagine a favorites list would work in Arcade. There could be a shortcut key for adding a game to a favorites list, a gold star would appear somewhere on the artwork and in the filters section there would be a favorites filter.

For me this would totally transform the user experience. I have a lot of games, and what I’m finding is, whenever I find a new game that I would like to continue playing, the next time I use Arcade I always forget what it’s called. And because I’m always playing new games, I’m always finding new games that I want to continue playing but I always forget half of them.

Another Arcade option that would be great is a setting for remembering the last game played. Usually when I finish playing a game, I want to keep playing it the next time I launch Arcade. It would be great when launching Arcade if it had the last played game displayed so I could easily get straight back into it.

I’m dreaming of filtering by my favorites, It will be like a nostalgia concentrate.

Sorry if you’re getting sick of hearing about the favorites list FrodeSolheim, no pressure or anything
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