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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
With a bit of time and a some lines of code this picture transforms to this "it could be much worse" version:
ross has already painstakingly fixed all the corrupt graphic screens back in mid December 2019; and I've fully play tested the game until completion

Originally Posted by ross View Post
Well, the behavior can be changed. I've only to release the 100% and trained version that has been lying on my hdd for months..
<screenshots taken from the actual test version that ross sent me>

Unfortunately he's in such high demand; and constantly takes on numerous projects at once... fair enough; he's an extremely talented / obliging person and always happy to assist

It's totally his choice what he spends his time on though; and I'd say the same to any other coder for that matter

...but on the flipside; this sometimes means that probably less interesting and time consuming ones like this (and *cough*; Shadow Warriors music fix / trained .ADF); which just now require the writing a nice cracktro / trainer; get put on the backburner.

Anyway, I don't hassle ross and am very grateful for all the fixes that he works on / provides

It will be ready when he's got the time; I have no doubt of that

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