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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

My dream setup is an A1200 with a 80Mhz 060 and an Indivison AGA
that's what i'm aiming for in the long run, almost there

thing is though, I do alot more graphics stuff than coding/gaming so rtg will be of benefit.

Rendering in Real3D with 060 @50mhz is so fast i nearly jizzed my pants if taking it to 80 or even 90mhz does to rendering what it does to the mhz then i expect I wont have any problem knocking out an animation inside of a week

BPPC would benefit me as i'm an avid Blender fan. been using it since it pretty much got released to the public. being able to use blender on my faveourite machine, in my faveourite OS would be a dream come true
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