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A4000 or A1200 ?

for years now I've always wondered which would be the most stable and easiest to upgrade, but obviously price and hardware availability have to have some consideration.

As you guys know i've got a pretty solid A1260D (specs in sig) but for some reason I've always had an itch for an A4060 and I'm not sure why.

If you were to slap an 060 in a 4000 how would it compare to a 1260@50mhz? are they identical in terms of mips/flops? is there any difference in stability?

The only limitation I can see so far is the case and how much I can pack into it. I like mine in the original desktop wedge so every upgrade I'm choosing has and will always have that in mind, but with clever hackery I think it's possible to get most things into it save for pci.

I guess what I'm asking is for a comparison. A benefit/drawback list of sorts and technical data with evidence to support it.

All this has come from being offered 2 A4000's for my upgraded 1200, but I seriously doubt I can upgrade a 4000 to my current 1200 spec without being out of pocket even if i sold one of them.

what say you? should i stick with my 1200 or save up for a 4000/trade my 1200 for one?
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