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Workbook and Aros Kickstart Roms

Just wonder where can I download them and is there been any more work on them? I Found this

Plus I know WinUAE come with Aros Kickstart Rom
( aros-20181209 )

But is that the latest version? Plus is there something like
Aros Rom 1.3 that designed for just replacement/replica of the Kickstart 1.3 setup/system ie A500 / A1000 uses
Aros Rom 3.0 for AGA machine replacement / replica ie A1200 / A4000
Aros Rom 4.x for things like Vampire etc

If this is a thing then let me know because I have been looking but there not much about this and again same for Aros 68K OS

Workbook 1.3 that designed for just replacement/replica of Workbench 1.3 thats just one one disk like 1.3 was.
Workbook 3.1 = Workbench 3.1
Workbook 4.X = Vampire / CoffineOS / AFA Etc....
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