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Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
Not really, unless you use the gadget as the basis for a full-fledged editor, and the feature would be used for example for syntax highlighting. But this would then reqiure a plug-in syntax parser, and is too much and too heavy for an Os component. I would leave such things to third parties.
as for highlighting it is already there, via a hook so the rendering of the bold underline and colors are already there. But these attributes are temporary in nature and only under control of the hook. It is up to that hook to do any kind of syntax parsing.

My question was more of the wordproccessing kind of attributes where you assign bold to a word you as a writer wants to emphasize. As it uses the same rendering code it can already draw it but before i spend more time (and code size) on the editing part I was wondering how useful it is. Implementing it is not that much work, but right now i was just wondering if it would be better to deprecate it completely.
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