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I can't say I enjoyed Blighttown myself. I did like how it led to Queelag's Domain, as Queelag was a fun boss fight, and I also enjoyed duking it out with the boulder lobbing giants guarding her lair. Beating Queelag also opened a path to the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith, two of my favourite areas.

Perhaps it was because I grinded a lot early on - I tend to do this in RPGs - thus spending lots of time in the initial areas and getting alittle bored of them. I just had more fun in, and really liked the aesthetics of, locations I visited later in the game. This included Anor Londo, New Londo Ruins, the Duke's Archives and Crystal Cave.

Which boss did you think was the coolest, and which boss did you like fighting the most? I definitely liked the look of the Four Kings the best, and I really enjoyed the pure challenge of the Ornstein and Smough encounter.
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