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I hate that aspect of life, losing contact with good people. I'm sure these peeps will visit the EAB from time to time. I'm taking a sabbatical soon, but I'll always be back. Priorities demand that we devote time to different areas of our lives.

Going off on a tangent here, but following on from the disappearing "friends" comment:

Many, who were once impulsive and exciting in nature, become boring and set in their ways. The struggle I have at organising a trip or event is mind boggling - all they want to do is camp in their house, complain about material things, watch TV and work.

This is life however. 90%+ of people will conform into the society norm and never really do anything exciting. Happens every generation in some countries like clockwork, no matter how hard you try and get people to stay socially active.

We are all slaves! Slaves I tell you!

Still, many of us are VERY lucky slaves, living in some of the best conditions the world has to offer.

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