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Nice to see some activity on my thread!

Thanks for all the inputs, appreciate it.
When it comes to the DF0 switch mod, maybe I was not clear enough.. I meant switching just the DF0 between FDD and Gotek - one at a time. I know that switching DF0 and DF1 is a bit more complicated.

The story so far is that I picked up another A600 for small money. It did not boot initially, but a cap change sorted that. This one is almost in mint condition, nice and white. I intent to keep it like that, with any mods being non-destructive - while I will allow myself to be a little more liberal with the mods on my old yellow machine

Have not done much so far, still collecting parts both Amiga specific and general soldering/electronics stuff. Finding time is also an issue as I have 3 small kids at home.
Have been enjoying some Amiga gaming with my eldest one, though
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