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Hi Reb,
Originally Posted by Reb View Post
1) As mentioned my A600 is completely stock. Will there be any benefits from ram upgrade (trap door) if I only use Gotek and ADF files?
Yes. Many games take advantage of extra Chip RAM.
I think it's a rule of thumb to try to put as much RAM in an Amiga as it is possible.

Whenever you get into WHDLoad games, you will appreciate the extra RAM too. Even with just 2MB Chip RAM you can load a lot of WHDLoad games.

Is this mod possible on A600 as well? Will there be any issues with the power supply (25 watts)?
The mod for the A600 is not as easy and it involves messing with tiny surface mount components. If you are not confident in being able to work with those, I would avoid.
Look here at this video of the procedure being made: [ Show youtube player ]

Power supply should be fine.

3) What is the best way to clean the case and pcb? I have read some opinions, from gentle brushing to dishwasher, but still wondering.
Dismantle it all, and wash all plastic pieces on your sink with dishwasher soap and a scrubby brush. Be careful but firm.
I would be wary of the dishwasher melting it, personally.

4) Recapping.. are most of the sets offered good quality, or is there a particular place to buy?
Buying a set "for Amiga" usually means you are paying through the nose just for being "lazy" and searching for that specific term. The caps are standard and the lists are available online everywhere, you can source them on your own and it'd be much cheaper and you can choose your preferred brand of caps.

5) I know that purists say that to paint/cut the case is a crime, and I completely understand that view.. however my Amiga is terribly yellowed
Yeah I would leave it as is. Not as much as a crime, the painting solutions just don't look good enough. Dye might be OK, but then you have the keys, which you cant really sort out, or you have to put nasty stickers on them... to me it all creates more trouble than it is worth.

Retrobright DOES WORK though, if all you want to achieve is the original color, you might as well do that first, there's nothing to lose.

I think I will integrate the Gotek buttons, display and usb port in the case. Any guides for A600 on this? Is there a good place for the Gotek inside when floppy is installed?
Not really, but there's plenty of people that have done it and you can peep at their pictures around here in the Hardware/Mods subforum.
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