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Future plans for stock A600

So, my A600 is back from the dark corners of the attic.

I am a fresh member here and just posted a thread in the "new members intro" section. Quick summary; I have rediscovered my A600 (MB rev. 1.5) which I bought in 1992 and used a few years before making the swith to PC. I was very young then, and only used the Amiga for games from floppy.

The warranty seal was only broken last week, when I tried my newly aquired Gotek. Fantastic device, especially as only 10% of my floppies are still working.

I have been doing A LOT of googling and forum reading lately, but I still have some questions. I will appreciate your inputs!

My future plans for the machine is to clean it up, but I will not go further than the Gotek with regards to upgrading. My memories with Amiga is gaming, and I don`t think I have even seen the workbench... so I don`t think I will go there.

So, my questions:

1) As mentioned my A600 is completely stock. Will there be any benefits from ram upgrade (trap door) if I only use Gotek and ADF files?

2) I have seen some guides for switching between Gotek and floppy (df0), however they were all for A500/A1200. The trick was to power both units, and route the floppy cable to both - but with a switch on the no. 10 wire. Is this mod possible on A600 as well? Will there be any issues with the power supply (25 watts)?

3) What is the best way to clean the case and pcb? I have read some opinions, from gentle brushing to dishwasher, but still wondering.

4) Recapping.. are most of the sets offered good quality, or is there a particular place to buy?

5) I know that purists say that to paint/cut the case is a crime, and I completely understand that view.. however my Amiga is terribly yellowed, and I don`t have any faith in retr0bright`ing. So.. I believe I will paint (vinyl dye) both case and keyboard, and if I will be able to switch floppy and gotek, I think I will integrate the Gotek buttons, display and usb port in the case. Any guides for A600 on this? Is there a good place for the Gotek inside when floppy is installed?

I am sure I will have more questions, but for now this is the things I have not been able to decide on. I have not touched a soldering iron for 10 years, but I used to work with electronics production (soldering, assembly etc.), so I believe the skills are somewhere in the back of my mind
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