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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
And a thousand times this!

Paying for new products is good - it encourages ongoing quality development (to a degree), but, as Akira notes, giving money to Cloanto does NOTHING for the Amiga community IMHO.

Download the kickstart ROMs. They're all over the internet now. Nobody will bother. And if they do, tell 'em that the files are your own back-ups!

BTW - I use FS-UAE on my MacBook and, once you get used to the odd interface, it does a pretty bloody good job. I've even got my A1200T emulated on it. Works splendid and I didn't spend a bean on it!
I've heard about FS-UAE. Who the heck are Cloanto then, and how did they end up with legal Amiga Kickstart roms? Are there any former Amiga employees in Cloanto?
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