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the TFMX system, when using 7 voices, is made of 3 hardware channels used + 3 software channels joined in 1 hardware channel (wikipedia is your friend).

such a feat inside a game running at 50 fps + 32 colors or more + many enemies on screen = crawling down with a regular 68000 CPU. That's why Huelsbeck never used the 7 voices routines inside a game, but only on intros and outros.

When in game, the system use 4 hardware channels (i don't know for the SFX thought),

"Because they probably allow an extra channel for the SFX, despite what dlfrsilver says."
I think you "mixing" (ahah ) two things :

1) a number of games cut one channels when an SFX is played
2) there is no extra channel used (in software).

The trick of adding one or more channels is very CPU intensive, meaning a loss of processing power for other effects (game logic, game engine, or graphical effects display).
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